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Přijmeme zkušeného samostatného obchodníka

Do svého týmu obchodníků přijmeme zkušeného samostatného obchodníka ochotného budovat svou kariéru v oboru vázací a balící materiály a vázací a balící technika.

Strapping tools / Accumulator / Accumulator strapping tool ORT 400

Accumulator strapping tool ORT 400


OR-T 400 are characterized by the best technology, high reliability, minimum parts from which the tool is completed.

  • fast and easy servicing
  • maintenance free drive
  • strong resistance against falls

OR-T 400 is the most modern industrial strapping tool currently available.

OR-T 400 are characterized by the best technology, high reliability, minimum parts from which the tool is completed. The tool straps palletized goods, cartons, individual products, bundles, etc. One type of tool is sufficient for the strap widths according to the table due to the simple re-adjustment without the need to purchase additional parts.

The tool is GS, CE certified and the producer of the tool is the Swiss company ORGAPACK, certified according to ISO9001.


Li-Ion AKU

  • Up to 400 binds per 1 charge
  • Charging is possible at anytime
  • High efficiency of accumulators
  • BOSCH fast charger with active cooling
  • Does not contain any heavy metals
  • 4x longer service life 2x more cycles per 1 charge

Maintenance free drive

  • Variant without brushes
  • Higher reliability
  • High tightening speed
  • Swiss MAXON motor


  • Low weight
  • Introduction of the type "Strap on strap“
  • Strapping with one hand
  • Acoustic signal at the end of strapping and for errors
  • Perfect balancing of the tool
  • Easy replacement of worn parts by operators

Technical specification

  OR-T 400
Weight, including battery 4,2 Kg
Tightening and linking the strap aku
Cutting the strap aku
Setting the tightening By button on touch panel
Setting the thickness of the strap Not necessary
Setting the welding time By button on touch panel
Setting the width of the strap Adjustment without the intervention of a service technician
Width of the strap 15 - 16, 18 - 19 mm
Optional width of the strap -
Thickness of the PP and PET strap 0.8 – 1.30 mm
Tightening force - el. setting (0) 400 - 4000 N
Tensioning speed 175 mm/s
Charging for 100% capacity about 45 min.
Charging for 70% capacity about 20 min.
Clamps per 1 charge to 350
BOSCH Li-Ion battery 18V, 2.6Ah
Supply to the tool from the electricity network -

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