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Přijmeme zkušeného samostatného obchodníka

Do svého týmu obchodníků přijmeme zkušeného samostatného obchodníka ochotného budovat svou kariéru v oboru vázací a balící materiály a vázací a balící technika.

Packing foils

Packing foils

  • Excellent protective properties
  • Fixation and protection of merchandise
  • Hygienic and ecologically harmless


Extensible packing stretch foils are three-layer foils produced using extrusion technology or polyethylene blowing (LLDPE). These are extraordinarily firm with high elasticity, resistance and low weight and therefore are specially recommended for group and transport packing. They are not influenced by climatic conditions, are resistant to excessive moisture and over the long term retain their mechanical-physical properties. Pay attention to damage from high temperatures and sharp items!

PE foils are 100% recyclable, harmless to health; internal waste is recommended for storage or energy utilisation, is not toxic and does not have any properties harmful to the environment.

According to the method of packing, it is divided into:

  • Hand stretching foils
    Dimensions: width of rolls 100, 450, 500 mm, thickness of the foil 17 - 23 mm
    The weight of the rolls varies at around 3 kg for hand winding, particularly for goods placed on the palette. Foil with a width 100 mm, a so-called grenade, is used for the direct packing of goods, strapping or group packing of smaller packages. For ease of work, plastic and metal unwinding devices are used, as well as fixation foils
  • Machine stretch foils
    Dimensions: width of the foil 500 mm, thickness of the foil 17 - 40 mm
    The weight of the rolls is 16.6 kg, working expansion 150-220%, for special machines 300-350% Other than standard dimensions can be ensured on the basis of the order.

Shrinking foils, due to their properties, are designed as non-returnable transport packaging for group packing - replacement of cartons etc. and palleting. Some types of Granoten, produced from selected types of polythene granulate can also be used as sales packages – consumer packages.

During use the foils are heated for a short time with hot flowing air (over 120°C) in a so-called shrinking tunnel. After softening due from the heat there is shrinking; the foil tends to copy the form of the packed item. After cooling of the foil in the achieved form, the foil is hardened and creates a fixed package.

Methods of use

The packing process is performed using special packing machines; it starts by re-packing the packed product with foil, creating a of packing unit and then there is heating in the shrinking tunnel and at the end the cooling phase with the flow of air. Foils for packing can be used either on simple machines with hand operation or fully automatic lines.

  • foils for reliable automatic group and unit packing
  • excellent fixation and protective properties for long-term storage
  • hygienic and ecologically harmless
  • recyclable
  • recommended for direct contact and food

Technical parameters

Foils, produced from LDPE or its copolymers or PE mixtures are transparent, (the cloudiness increases with the thickness). They are pleasant to touch Deformed by heat thermal resistance is -50°C to +85°C, for treated types up to +95°C. They have high chemical resistance at standard and high temperatures, negligible absorption of moisture and good electrical insulating properties. They are welded by heat, by jaws heated with an impulse source or continuously.

The packing foils and non-shrinking foils are produced in several versions which differ by the mechanical and physical properties, e.g. gliding, strength and are adapted for the specific requirements of the considered use.


  • foils for automatic packing and other purposes
  • hygienic and ecologically harmless
  • recyclable
  • selected types are recommended for direct contact and food
  • fast covering using non-shrinkable foils
  • excellent protective properties
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