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Přijmeme zkušeného samostatného obchodníka

Do svého týmu obchodníků přijmeme zkušeného samostatného obchodníka ochotného budovat svou kariéru v oboru vázací a balící materiály a vázací a balící technika.

Strapping tools / Pneumatic / For plastic strap / Strapping tool DROMM P350

Hand strapping tool for plastic strap FROMM P350

  • Strapping tool for the heaviest applications – metallurgical operating units
  • Option to use straps with the width of 32mm
  • Vibration weld with automatic strap cutting

Pneumatic strapping tool FROMM P 350 for plastic straps up to 32 mm which tensions the strap itself, joins it with a vibrating weld and then automatically cuts it. The strapping tool is designed for strapping extremely heavy products as a full-value alternative to strapping by steel straps which excels in many cases. The adjustable suspension is part of the strapping tool.

Technical specification

Weight 16.5 Kg

Tensioning and joining
Tensioning force of the strapping strap Fluently regulated from 1300 - 3800N
Recommended strapping strap PP or PET strap with the width 12 - 32 mm
Method of joining strapping strap vibration weld

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